Architectural Controls

Architectural Controls will be implemented in The Meadows to ensure homes built will meet standards that are envisioned by Essex Developments.

The Design Guidelines

The overall design theme in The Meadows will reflect a traditional community. Home styles will be a contemporary interpretation of varying traditional styles, with a broad selection of sizes. There will be something for everyone ensuring, that the homes are designed true to the traditional styles and professionally-created Architectural Guidelines.

The Design Guidelines will enhance the integrity of the development and ensure that each home that gets built will add value to the community. The guidelines have been prepared to promote a high level of architectural detail, ensure a pleasing building form, and promote an awareness of environmental sustainability. The intent of these guidelines is to create a community of harmony and continuity, while allowing distinct traditional architectural styles to offer variety and accentuate the essence of The Meadows.


The Architectural Coordinator

The Architectural Coordinator will also complete a review of all house plans to ensure compliance. An “Approved” stamp must be issued on the Elevations and Plot Plan prior to the builder submitting a building permit application to the City of Estevan. All construction must comply with the current Land Use Bylaw and the Saskatchewan Building Code. Construction may only begin upon receipt of a Building Permit from the City of Estevan and a Grade Slip from the Architectural Coordinator.


Conformity with the Guidelines does not supersede the required City of Estevan’s approval process.

Moving to Estevan, Saskatchewan? The Estevan area is rich in energy resources and has a substantial history of trade and industry. Agriculture is one of the area’s major industries. Our farms and ranches produce wheat, oil seeds, and livestock (cattle, horses, elk, deer, wild boar, and bison).

The Power of Estevan

Estevan is also a coal-mining centre. Sherritt Coal Ltd is the mining company in the area. The coal is burned in two huge power plants, the Boundary Dam Power Station and the Shand Power Station. The plants, owned and operated by the Saskatchewan Power Corporation, supply the lion’s share of the Saskatchewan’s electricity needs.

Six thousand oil wells are located within a 160 km radius of Estevan. Most wells are owned and serviced by companies located in Estevan. Oil and gas exploration and production have a great impact on the local economy. The oil and gas industry is Saskatchewan’s largest revenue source. Many people in Estevan are employed in the coal, oil, gas, and power industries. Due to its strong natural resource and industry base, Estevan is known as the “Energy Capital of Saskatchewan.” It proudly calls itself the “Energy City.”